Cloned the wrong repo? Here's a fix.

Due perhaps to some outdated language somewhere in my course materials (sorry!) some of you appear to have accidentally forked the template repo rather than following the magic link to set things up the “official” way. Uh oh! Don’t worry, this is easy to fix. But please do it soon so I can grade all the assignments togetherHere/s are instructions for Assignment 0. If you’ve stumbled into this problem later in the semester, you’ll need to adjust them as appropriate:

  1. Click on this link. Your “proper” repo will be created, and you will be shown a link to the new repository.
  2. Clone the new repo. You know how to od this already – it can all be done from inside VSCode.
  3. Copy your json file to the right place in the new repo. Stage and commit the change
  4. Do the same with your reflection and your image files
  5. run npm install and npm test to confirm that everything’s good.
  6. push your changes

You should now be done!