JS Questions

  • where do I run Javascript?
  • how do I define a function?
  • what are return values?
  • DOM manipulation

Running JS

  • Atom – js-console (under packages menu)
  • Firefox: Scratchpad + console
  • Chrome: console alone
  • any of my lectures!

Defining a function


  • identifying nodes
  • adding a node
  • clearing a node

No Clothes, no body

It’s not that the emperor has no clothes(that would be fine); it’s that no one knows what the emperor looks like. (Ramsey 2010)

Finally: Trees


Moretti’s Evolutionism

  • Citations: Darwin, Feldman, Cavalli-Sforza
  • In his genealogy: Karl Marx; H. G. Wells; E. O. Wilson; all of evolutionary psychology
  • “morphological” diagrams – “with form and history as the two variableso f the analysis” – vertical is time, horizontal is “formal diversification” eventually leading to ’well-marked varieties’



Clues as evolved phenomenon

  • Doyle as canonical starting point for detective fiction
  • But has a context; how to describe?
  • note: not a personal context!



Free Indirect Style

A peculiar mix of indirect and direct discourse, which draws the verbal tenses and pronouns from the former, and the tone and the order of the sentence from the latter:

It was the abode of noise, disorder, and impropriety. Nobody was in their right place, nothing was done as it ought to be. She could not respect her parents, as she had hoped.

  • because it has this weird mix of personal and impersonal, distance and intimacy, it evokes a kind of confusion in the readre – and…

Why FIS?

  • appears to mark a major social transformation (“halfway btwn the social doxa and the individual voice, FIS is a good indicator of their changing balance of forces”)
  • Moretti’s goal: to quantitatively (?) trace these forces

    Take a form, follow it from space to space, and study the reasons for its transformations: the ’opportunistic, hence unpredictable’ reasons of evolution.


the approaches I have discussed… share a clear preference for explanation over interpretation

  • Teleological thinking?
  • is this really “quantitative”?
  • Does this qualify as “insight”?