Assignment 05: Oral History

Due Date: March 30

There is no new assignment link for the Oral History assignment; instead, you will just use the repository you have already cloned, or follow this old link to clone for the first time.

However, you will need to update some of the files in your repository to newer versions that I have since pushed to the main assignment repository. If you followed my instructions, you will not have made any changed to these files, so it should be trivial to pull in my changes by pasting these commands into the terminal (be sure you are in the root directory of your repository when issuing these commands):

git remote add upstream
git pull upstream master

This may pop you into a new editor window to edit the commit message. If so, just save it as as is and close; commit should proceed from there. If you have issues, please post them to Slack.

Some more advanced Git command tutorials coming your way soon.

See the file in your own repo or the upstream Github Repo for details.