Assignment 01: HTML & CSS self-study

Due Date: Jan. 26

General Description

You do not have to become a coder to do well in this course. However, you will have to be willing to explore technical skills that you might not otherwise develop as a humanities scholar. In this second assignment, we’ll use one of the web’s many excellent self-education platforms to learn the very basics of how web pages work. We’ll then extend that knowledge with a set of slightly more advanced programming exercises.

Web pages are composed of three components: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML provides the structure and content of a web page; CSS controls the style of presentation; and Javascript permits dynamic modification of both. To explore the web from the inside, you need to be a little bit comfortable in all three.

In this assignment you will be introduced to HTML and CSS. First you will complete the HTML & CSS course on Then you’ll be asked to do a set of small problems and submit them via Github.


The assignment details are listed in the Assignment 1 Github repository. Read them there and follow them carefully. Be sure to budget enough time.